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New Tobacco Regulatory Research measures available, June 24, 2015 here
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Welcome to the PhenX Toolkit

The Toolkit provides standard measures related to complex diseases, phenotypic traits and environmental exposures. Use of PhenX measures facilitates combining data from a variety of studies, and makes it easy for investigators to expand a study design beyond the primary research focus. All Toolkit content is available to the public at no cost.

Information about the project is available at

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How to cite use of PhenX measures:
Measures incorporated in this study were selected from the PhenX Toolkit version June 24, 2015, Ver 9.0. More »

How to cite the PhenX Toolkit:
Hamilton, et al. (2011) The PhenX Toolkit: Get the Most From Your Measures. American Journal of Epidemiology, 174(3), 253-60.

Funding for PhenX and the PhenX Toolkit was provided by U01 HG004597, 3U01 HG004597-02S1, and U41 HG007050.

There are a total of 425 measures in the PhenX Toolkit.

Top 5 Measures - Release 9.0

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