PhenX Toolkit Release Details

May 12, 2010, Ver 3.2

Release includes: 1) addition of Diabetes, Physical Activities & Physical Fitness, Psychiatric & Neurology Measures 2) new Respiratory measure - Urine Assay for Tobacco Smoke Exposure and 3) Improvements to the PhenX Cart display and selection functionality.

Details for this release:

  • Diabetes (new) - Diabetes Measures added to Toolkit
  • Physical Activities & Physical Fitness (new) - Physical Activities & Physical Fitness Measures added to Toolkit
  • Psychiatric (new) - Psychiatric Measures added to Toolkit
  • Neurology (new) - Neurology Measures added to Toolkit
  • Respiratory - Urine Assay for Tobacco Smoke Exposure Measure added to the Toolkit
  • Cart Selection - Improvements made to Cart Layout and Cart Item selection