PhenX Toolkit Release Details

October 8, 2010, Ver 3.7

Release includes: 1) addition of Speech & Hearing Measures and Social Environments measures 2) Migraine Measure added to Neurology domain 3) enhancements to navigation and browsing features

Details for this release:

  • Speech & Hearing (new) - Speech & Hearing Measures added to Toolkit
  • Social Environments (new) - Social Environments Measures added to Toolkit
  • Neurology - Migraine Measure added to Toolkit
  • Browse Tree - Improvements made to the add to/delete from Cart options within the browse tree.
  • Cart - Users who chose this Measure also chose feature added (displays measure suggestions with links and options to add suggested measures to Cart)
  • Browse measures in Conceptual Groups - The Conceptual Groups include measures that cut across Research Domains and provide users with an alternate way to browse the Toolkit.