PhenX Toolkit Release Details

April 15, 2011, Ver 4.3

Release includes 1) Browse Collection 2) Associated measures at Browse Measure page 3) Browse Supplemental Information 4) View all result 5) Select/Unselect search results 6) Resource update

Details for this release:

  • Toolkit Resource updated - 1) Glossary of Terms updated 2) Criteria for Evaluating Measures added 3) Welcome to the PhenX Toolkit section on homepage updated 4) Toolkit Guidance section on homepage updated
  • Select/Unselect Search Results - Select/Unselect search results and Add Selected Measures to Cart
  • View All Results - View all result on the search result page
  • Browse Supplemental Information page - List all Supplemental Information from all domain
  • Associated measures at Browse Measure page - Associated measures (Essential Measures, Related Measures and Collections) for each measure added at Browse Measure page
  • Browse Collection page - Browse measures across domains via Collections