PhenX Toolkit Release Details

October 20, 2013, Ver 5.6

Release includes 1) "Featured Measures" update, 2) "Psychopathy" Protocol update, 3) Resource update, 4) "Data Worksheet Download" update, 5) "Register Your Study" update

Details for this release:

  • "Register Your Study" - added a table that displays all PhenX Protocols in registered studies (feature)
  • "Data Collection Worksheet" - a new data field "Protocol ID" is added to "My Toolkit" "Data Collection Worksheet" can be sorted by Measure, Protocol, or Protocol ID (feature)
  • "Psychopathy Protocol" - four languages added to the "Language of Source" section (data)
  • "Featured Measure" - "Healthy Food Environments" is the new Featured Measure (resource)