PhenX Toolkit Release Details

March 8, 2016, Ver 13.4

Release includes: 1) PhenX variables, 2) PhenX Variable Search, 3) Rationale for "Archived Protocols", 4) Resource update

Details for this release:

  • Updated "PhenX Publications", "Publications Citing PhenX", "Funding Opportunity Announcements", "Related Projects", and "News and Views – Announcement"
  • Rationale for "Archived Protocols" – Rationale added to "Replaced" and "Retired" protocols at the "Archived Protocols" page
  • PhenX Variable Search – Search the PhenX variable and dbGaP variable mapping results to identify the PhenX variables mapped to a dbGaP variable
  • PhenX variables – released in the "Variable" section at the protocol page