PhenX Toolkit Release Details

June 25, 2009, Ver 2.2

Release includes: 1) PhenX Anthropometrics (Body Composition Measure added), ii) PhenX Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substances Measures (no changes), iii) PhenX Demographics Measures (no changes), Advanced Search and CDE Lookup released, Cart Emailing capability and other general site improvements.

Details for this release:

  • Anthropometrics (update) - Body Composition Measure added
  • Basic Search - Simplified results display.
  • Advanced Search - Initial version of advanced search.
  • CDE Lookup (Search) - Initial version of CDE Lookup function.
  • More related projects & links entries added
  • IRB guidance added to Toolkit Guidance
  • Reports now include type of report in title
  • Link to caBIG CDE Browser added to CDE Resources page.
  • Cart Emailing capability added, allowing users to share their Cart content with friends & colleagues.