PhenX Toolkit Release Details

September 24, 2009, Ver 2.5

Release includes: 1) Cardiovascular Measures (3 new measures added), 2) Cart & Navigational Improvements, 3) Search Improvements, 4) "Cite the Toolikit" message added to Measure/Protocol Display page, and 5) User Help/Guidance improvements.

Details for this release:

  • Cardiovascular - Peripheral Arterial Disease Measure added
  • Cardiovascular - Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Measure added
  • Cardiovascular - Deep Venous Thrombosis Measure added
  • Search - Basic and Advanced Search improved
  • Cart/Navigation - Users can now add ALL measures from a Domain to their Cart.
  • Data - Cite guidance/reminder added to Measure Protocol display pages.
  • Quick Start - Additonal guidance added to the toolkit to help you get started using the Toolkit