Measure Final Measures To Toolkit
Arm Span Arm Span
Birth Weight Birth Weight
Body Composition Body Composition
Body Image Body Image
Child Head Circumference Child Head Circumference
Dominance Hand Dominance
Estimated Visceral Fat  
Height Height
Hip Circumference Hip Circumference
Maximum Adult Height Maximum Adult Height
Maximum Adult Weight Maximum Adult Weight
Mid-Upper Arm Circumference Mid-Upper Arm Circumference
Neck Circumference Neck Circumference
Parental Height  
Parental Weight  
Pregnancy Weight Pregnancy Weight Gain
Sitting Height/Trunk  
Waist Circumference Waist Circumference
Weight Weight
Weight Loss/Gain Weight Loss/Gain


Element Considered Final Measures in Toolkit
Time/Age Current Age
Ancestry Birthplace of Parents; Birthplace of Grandparents
Race/Ethnicity Race; Ethnicity
Sex/Gender Gender
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/location (current/past/birth Birthplace; Current Address
Marital Status Current Marital Status
Education Current Educational Attainment
Income/Wealth Annual Family Income
Employment Status Current Employment Status
Social Position  
Health Care Health Insurance Coverage
Household Roster Household-Roster Relationships
Years in the U.S. Years Living in the U.S.


Element Considered Final Measures To Toolkit
Personality Temperament
Disinhibiting Behaviors – Impulsivity
Identity/Self Self-esteem
General Self-Efficacy
Coping Styles
Environmental Exposures (-) Perceived Stress
Chronic Stress
Exposures to Violence
Crime and Delinquency
Social Connectedness Social Capital
Perceived Social Support/Conflict
Social Isolation
Quality of Life Emotional State
Current Quality of Life

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Substances

Element Considered Final Measures To Toolkit
Alcohol Lifetime Use; 30-Day Use; Age of Initiation; Max Drinks in 24 Hours; Lifetime Abuse and Dependence
Tobacco Smoking Status; 30-Day Use; Age of Initiation; Age of Offset of Use; Nicotine Dependence
Other Substances Lifetime Use; 30-Day Use; Age of Initiation; Lifetime Abuse and Dependence

Social Environments

Element Considered Final Measure to Toolkit
Family Family Conflict
Family Control and Organization
Family Interpersonal Relationships
Neighborhood/Community Discrimination
Healthy Food Environments
Neighborhood Collective Efficacy - Community Cohesion and Informal Social Control
Neighborhood Concentrated Disadvantage
Neighborhood Safety
Race/Ethnicity Residential Segregation
Networks/Peers Social Networks
Residential/Living Arrangements  
Schools School Social Environment
Social Engagement  
Stress/Life Events Child-Reported Parental Education Attainment
Childhood Maltreatment
Life Events
Workplace Job Related Stress

Environmental Exposures

Element Considered Final Measures To Toolkit
Residence and residential history Characteristics of current residence
Water source
Residential history
Occupation and occupational history Exposures at work and in daily life
Occupation/occupational history
Hobbies/activities Exposures from hobbies
Environmental tobacco smoke exposure Current environmental tobacco smoke exposure
Early life exposures Sibship/birth order
Day care/preschool attendance
History of being breastfed
Categories of environmental contaminants Air contaminants in the home environment
Specific sample collections Dust sample - vacuum bag
Time spent outdoors Ultraviolet light exposure