Table of Contents
  1. Site Overview
  2. Using the PhenX Toolkit
    • Browsing
    • Searching
    • Cart
    • Reports
    • Registration
    • Saved Carts
    • Quick Start
  3. Getting More Information
  4. Contributing
1. Site Overview

The PhenX Toolkit provides access to Measures and Protocols which have been prioritized by a Working Group and approved by the PhenX Steering Committee. This consensus-based project is led and managed by RTI International and funded by NHGRI.

The PhenX project team has established and continues to maintain a public online project resource at: www.phenx.org.

2. Using the PhenX Toolkit
  • Browse Domain ~ presents a list of available Domains and allows you to select a Domain to view Measures for (by clicking on a Domain name). The number of Measures associated with a particular Domain is listed in parenthesis to the right of the Domain name.
  • Browse Measures ~ presents a list of all Measures for all of the Domains. You may click on a Measure in the list to see more information and Protocols.

The options are:

  • Basic Search ~ allows you to enter simple keyword terms and search for Measures and Protocols which have this entire word in the name or definition.
  • Advanced Search ~ allows you to enter more specific search criteria.

When Browsing or Searching, Measures and their Protocols will be displayed with accompanying "add to Cart" buttons. When you click you will add the corresponding Measure or Protocol(s) to your Cart. If you register on the Toolkit, you will be able to save the contents of your Cart to a Collection.

You may also Share your Cart with your friends & colleagues. You need to copy & paste the Share Link into an email message and send this to yourself. To avoid the potential for spam from third-parties, we don't provide a direct email send feature..


You can generate a Report after you populate your Cart with Measures and associated Protocols. The report will provide you with the information you need to implement the Measures.


In order to save the contents of your Cart, you need to Register on the Toolkit. This involves providing a minimal set of information and creating a user account through the Registration page. After registering, you receive a confirmation email which contains a link to activate your user account. The primary reason for registering currently is to allow you to establish and maintain Collections of Measures, rather than just be limited to your Cart. We are also going to be providing Collaboration features in the future. This will include being able to optionally collaborate with and share your Cart and Collections with other users. This will be something that you will have total control over and you will be able to set whether you want to collaborate with other users or not, once you review and approve of this.

Saved Carts

In addition to being able to place your Measure and Protocol selections into your Cart, you can also transfer these into a Saved Cart. You can create numerous Saved Carts to support different types of studies you may be working on. By logging in, you can retrieve these Carts and continue working on them in follow up visits to the Toolkit. You need to register in order to use Saved Carts.

Quick Start

Quick Start is a series of pages designed to help introduce you to the PhenX Toolkit and get you up and running quickly.

The pages lead you through real toolkit pages, helping you to actually log in, browse and search, add measures and protocols into your Cart, and download your Cart selections as reports. These pages are not part of a static demonstration or toolkit presentation, they are real pages on the toolkit, that you are direted to from the Quick Start guidance pages.

3. Getting More Information

For more information, please Contact Us using the information listed below.

4. Contributing

You or your organization may like to:

  • refer people or organizations with expertise in the PhenX Domains
  • provide links from your site or to our site
  • provide Feedback on the PhenX Toolkit

Please Contact Us.