IRIS - Incorporating Research Into Sight (eMERGE II)

Study Name IRIS - Incorporating Research Into Sight (eMERGE II)
Study Acronym IRIS
PI Catherine A. McCarty, PhD
Funding Agency
Primary Contact Name Terrie Kitchner
Primary Contact Email kitchner.terrie@mcrf.mfldclin.edu
Primary Research Focus The PhenX Toolkit was designed to collect data for some of the PhenX measures known to be associated with age-related cataract. This will demonstrate the utility of the PhenX measures in a large-scale biobank and leverage the resources of eMERGE to facilitate additional gene/environment analyses for cataract. These measures were also chosen to allow collaboration among the PhenX RISING sites. Copies of the PhenX measures were mailed to the 3737 living subjects in PMRP that have GWAS data available and have agreed to be re-contacted. The additional PhenX measures were added to enhance the ability to explore gene-environment interactions associated with cataract.
Study Design Name
Study Period 2011-2012
Number Participants >1000
Study Stage Name Data submitted to dbGaP or other Repository
Study Website
Protocol Ids 10101, 10201, 10401, 10501, 10601, 10701, 10801, 10901, 11001, 11301, 11501, 20602, 20704,
21502, 30101, 30201, 30301, 30401, 30501, 30602, 30702, 30802, 30902, 31001, 40101, 60101,
60701, 60801, 61301, 120402, 120502, 130301, 150901
Grant Number
Linked Date August 29, 2013 12:08AM
Citation Link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24423110