Who's Using PhenX - Studies (26)

Study Name Principal Investigator Research Focus Contact Name Registration Date
Conducting Consumer Behavior, Risk Perception and Media Research on Novel Tobcco Products Michael Eriksen, ScD Scott Weaver 2018-01-11
Comparison of Puff Volume With Cigarettes per Day in Predicting Nicotine Uptake Among Daily Smokers Joshua Muscat Nicolle Krebs 2017-12-18
Sex/Gender Differences in Cotinine Levels Among Daily Smokers in the Pennsylvania Adult Smoking Study Joshua E. Muscat Nicolle Krebs 2017-12-18
Evaluation of the Penn Place Permanent Supportive Housing Program Dennis P. Watson Dennis P. Watson 2017-12-14
A Clinical Trial of SystemCHANGE to Improve Exercise, Diet and Health in HIV-Infected Adults Allison Webel Allison Webel 2017-02-22
Preliminary Development of a Revised Version of the School Climate Measure Keith J. Zullig Keith J. Zullig 2017-02-08
Cooperative Health Research in South Tyrol Cristian Pattaro Martin Goegele 2017-01-31
Sickle Cell Microbiome project Suzanne Vernon Suzanne Vernon 2016-06-10
HLI/TBC Parkinson''s Microbiome Genome Study Martha Carlin Martha R Carlin 2016-05-01
Genetic Dissection in Pedigrees of Substance Use and Mood Disorders Comorbidity Nelson Freimer, MD Terri Teshiba 2015-06-08
Daily Experiences with Smoking Cessation Jaye L. Derrick Jaye Derrick 2014-06-12
Research on Autism, Intellectual, and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (RAIND): Assessing two perinatal risk factors (maternal iodine and obesity) Nigel Paneth, MD MPH Lynette Biery 2014-05-19
African Collaborative Center for Microbiome and Genomics Research Clement Adebamowo Clement Adebamowo 2014-03-29
Utilizing Interaction to Identify Novel Genetic Factors for Nicotine Dependence Dana Hancock, PhD Dana Hancock, PhD 2014-01-31
Gulf Long-term Follow-Up Study Dale Sandler Richard Kwok 2013-11-11
Asian Indian Diabetic Heart Study/SIKH Diabetes Study Dharambir Sanghera, PhD - 2013-10-15
GARM II: A Study on the Genetics of Age-related Maculopathy Michael B. Gorin, MD, PhD Maria C Ortube, MD 2013-09-30
Ethnic and Racial Variations of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Daniel Woo, MD MSN Jennifer Osborne 2013-09-27
Pediatric Imaging Neurocognition and Genetics Terry Jernigan, PhD - 2013-09-25
UCLA Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics Robert Bilder, PhD - 2013-09-19
Duke University Imaging and Genetics Timothy Strauman, PhD, and Ahmad Hariri, PhD Spenser Jacobson 2013-09-19
Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey Yi Zeng, PhD Huashuai Chen, Ph.D 2013-09-18
Aqueous Humor Dynamic Components that Determine Intraocular Pressure Dr. Sayoko Moroi Diana Burnett 2013-09-11
IRIS - Incorporating Research Into Sight (eMERGE II) Catherine A. McCarty, PhD Terrie Kitchner 2013-08-29
Detroit Neighborhood Health Study Allison E. Aiello, PhD, MS Helen Meier 2013-08-06
Sickle Cell Disease Implementation Consortium (SCDIC) Barbara Kroner Tabitha Hendershot 2018-04-24