UCLA Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics

Study Name UCLA Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics
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PI Robert Bilder, PhD
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Primary Research Focus The Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics comprises 8 linked grants awarded under the aegis of the NIH Roadmap Initiative. The PhenX supplement grant was awarded to the Human Translational Applications Core, a center core that conducted extensive phenotyping of more than 1000 healthy volunteers aged 21 to 50 in the Los Angeles metropolitan area from 2007 to 2012. The phenotyping efforts focused on two primary themes - memory mechanisms and response inhibition mechanisms - and participants completed approximately 12 hours of cognitive phenotyping, and a subset of these participants received also several hours of neuroimaging procedures to examine brain structure and function (descriptions of these procedures are available at www.phenomics.ucla.edu).
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Study Period 2011-2013
Number Participants 100-499
Study Stage Name Data analysis
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Protocol Ids 120402, 120502, 120601, 120901, 121101, 121301, 121501, 121601, 130701, 130801, 130901, 131101, 180101,
180401, 180501, 180601, 180701, 180801, 180901, 181001
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Linked Date September 19, 2013 12:09AM
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