Protocol - Relative Advantage of a Genomic Medicine Intervention over Current Practice

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Two questions from the Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE (IGNITE) Pre-implementation Provider Survey that healthcare providers can use to assess the relative advantage of a genomic intervention over their current practice. Responses are based upon a 5-point Likert scale from strongly agree (5) to strongly disagree (1).

Specific Instructions

Information about the healthcare provider who completes the survey (e.g., type of provider, education, certification, specialty, and type of healthcare practice where provider works) should be collected prior to these questions. If the investigators are interested, they can collect information on what standard practices currently exist in the clinical setting that the intervention is meant to replace or improve upon; however, this is not required for the protocol. This protocol is for implementation science purposes and should be used when an intervention is planned or being conducted.


1. [X genomic intervention] will be an improvement over how I currently assess risk.

5[ ]Strongly Agree

4[ ]Agree

3[ ]Neither Agree nor Disagree

2[ ]Disagree

1[ ]Strongly Disagree

2. [X genomic intervention] will improve my ability to care for patients.

5[ ]Strongly Agree

4[ ]Agree

3[ ]Neither Agree nor Disagree

2[ ]Disagree

1[ ]Strongly Disagree



Personnel and Training Required


Equipment Needs


Requirement CategoryRequired
Major equipment No
Specialized training No
Specialized requirements for biospecimen collection No
Average time of greater than 15 minutes in an unaffected individual No
Mode of Administration

Self-administered questionnaire

Life Stage

Infant, Toddler, Child, Adolescent, Adult, Senior, Pregnancy


Healthcare provider

Selection Rationale

This measure was ranked as highly important to genomic medicine implementation by the Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE (IGNITE) network, and a measure was developed and deployed as part of a cross-network pre-implementation provider survey, which is available in the IGNITE toolbox.



caDSR Common Data Elements (CDE) Genomic Medicine Implementation Intervention Advantage Assessment Text 7409043 CDE Browser
Derived Variables


Process and Review

Not applicable

Protocol Name from Source

Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE (IGNITE) Pre-implementation Provider Survey


National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Implementing GeNomics In pracTiCe (IGNITE): Genomic medicine knowledge base. 

IGNITE Pre-implementation Provider Survey, Items 10 and 11. Available at https://gmkb.org/ 

General References

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Genomic Medicine Implementation
Measure Name

Relative Advantage of a Genomic Medicine Intervention over Current Practice

Release Date

September 10, 2020


A key concept of implementation science in which healthcare providers assess an intervention and determine if the intervention is an improvement over the current standard of care in the clinical setting.


Questions that healthcare providers may use to assess the advantages of a genomic intervention over their current practice. Their current practice could be some other form of the genomic intervention, or it could be that they currently do not have any genomic strategies in place. The survey can be administered prior to an implementation (pre-implementation) to select the most appropriate implementation strategies for the intervention or after an implementation (post-implementation) to assess the impact of the intervention.


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