Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes

Study Name Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes
Study Acronym GUSTO
Funding Agency Medical Research Council,Medical Research Council,Medical Research Council,British Heart Foundation,Medical Research Council
Primary Research Focus Most studies linking maternal diet with offspring adiposity have focused on single nutrients or foods, but a dietary pattern approach is more representative of the overall diet. We thus aimed to investigate the relations between maternal dietary patterns and offspring adiposity in a multi-ethnic Asian mother"" offspring cohort in Singapore.
Study Design Name
Number Participants >1000
Study Website http://www.gusto.sg/
Protocol Ids 20201, 20602, 20702, 21001, 21301
Grant Number MC_U147574226,MC_UP_A620_1017,MC_U147574222,RG/07/009/23120,MC_UU_12011/4
Citation Link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28025503