Protocol - Cyberbullying Due to Racial/Ethnic Bias

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This protocol includes 9 questions to determine if there has been an increase in discrimination directed at certain races or ethnicities associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific Instructions



Please answer the following questions on your beliefs about how the Coronavirus is affecting people of your race/ethnicity.

Strongly disagreeSomewhat disagreeSomewhat agreeStrongly agree
1. I believe the country has become more dangerous forpeople in my racial/ethnicgroup because of fear of the Coronavirus.1234
2. People of my race/ethnicity are more likely to lose their job because of the Coronavirus.1234
3. I worry about people thinking I have the Coronavirus simply because of my race/ethnicity.1234
4. Most social and mass media reports about the Coronaviruscreate bias against people of my racial/ethnic group.1234
5. People of my race/ethnicityare more likely to get the Coronavirus.1234
6. People of my race/ethnicitywill not receive Coronavirushealthcare as good as the care received by other groups.1234
7. Due to the Coronavirus Ihave been cyberbulliedbecause of my race/ethnicity1234
8. Since the Coronavirus Ihave seen a lot morecyberbullying of people of myrace/ethnicity.1234
9. Negative social media postsagainst people of myrace/ethnicity have increasedbecause of the Coronavirus.1234

Scoring Instructions

Each item on the CRBS is rated on a 4-point scale, from 1 (strongly disagree) to 4 (strongly agree). The CRBS score is the mean of the 9 items.



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Major equipment No
Specialized training No
Specialized requirements for biospecimen collection No
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Mode of Administration

Self-administered questionnaire

Life Stage



Adults age 18 to 25

Selection Rationale

PhenX used input from crowdsourcing to enable rapid response and release of COVID-19 related protocols in the Toolkit.



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Protocol Name from Source

The Coronavirus Racial Bias Scale (CRBS)


Fisher, C. and Yip, T. (2020). The Coronavirus Racial Bias Scale (CRBS), Questions 6 and 7. Fordham Center for Ethics Education.

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COVID-19 Research
Measure Name

Cyberbullying Due to Racial/Ethnic Bias

Release Date

October 30, 2020


The Coronavirus Racial Bias Scale (CRBS) is a brief self-report questionnaire. The CRBS assesses beliefs about how the Coronavirus has negatively affected people due to their race/ethnicity.


This measure is used to report beliefs, attitudes, and biases that have negatively affected people as a result of the Coronavirus. Increased racial/ethnic biases have been associated with racial vigilance, racial discrimination, anxiety, and depression.


The Coronavirus Racial Bias Scale (CRBS), COVID-19, COVID, coronavirus, bias, discrimination, race, ethnicity, attitudes, cyberbullying, social media