Research Domain - Ocular

Release Date:

February 26, 2010

Scope of Domain:
Scope Elements Final Protocols To Toolkit (29)
Color blindness - Personal history Color Vision
Past 'laser' surgery (refractive, glaucoma procedures, retinal procedures, post-cataract) Personal and Family History of Eye Disease and Treatments
Personal and Family History of Strabismus
Past ocular surgery (strabismus, glaucoma, retinal, corneal, cataract)
Family history of eye disease
Glaucoma - Personal history
Lens diseases (cataracts [age-related, congenital, secondary, traumatic]) - Personal history
Diabetic retinopathy - Personal history
Macular degeneration (AMD) (wet, dry, age-related) - Personal history
Low vision/blindness Visual Function
Recurrent red eye
Recurrent erosions
Dry eye Dry Eye Syndrome
Eye patching Eye Patching
Eye disease as a newborn Eye Diseases and Treatment in Young Children
UV light exposure Ocular Exposure to Ultraviolet Light
Visual acuity testing Visual Acuity
Retinal digital photography (optic nerve, macula, retinal vessel diameter) Retinal Digital Photography
Visual field
Biometry Contact Biometry
Corneal topography
Corneal pachymetry
Intraocular pressure Intraocular Pressure
Refractive error measurement Refractive Error Measurement
Drugs (injection)
Use of glasses/contact lens Corrective Lens Use
Use of glasses (as a child)
Use of eye drops (dry eye, infections, glaucoma, inflammation) Eye Drop Use
Working Group Roster:

WG Members:

Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD, Chair
Harvard University
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Belmont, MA
Dimitri Azar, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago
Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary
Chicago, IL
David Friedman, MD, MPH, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Baltimore, MD
Barbara Klein, MD, MPH
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Department of Ophthalmology
Madison, WI
Lou Pasquale, MD
Harvard University
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Belmont, MA
Paul Sternberg, Jr., MD
Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt Eye Institute
Nashville, TN
Rohit Varma, MD
University of Southern California
Doheny Eye Institute
Los Angeles, CA
Terri Young, MD
Duke University
Duke Eye Center
Durham, NC

SC Liaison, WG Manager and WG Supervisor:

Jonathan L. Haines, PhD, SC Liaison
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH
Tonya Farris, MPH, WG Manager
RTI International
Washington, DC
Richard Kwok, PhD, WG Supervisor
RTI International
Research Triangle Park, NC
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